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"Be your own temple and you will find peace where you are"
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Since I was a child, writing has always been one of my favourite things to do, I love thinking about life, and there isn't a single day in which I don't think about anything in particular.

The fact is, that I always have something spinning around in my head. That's why I really connect with a quote I read once in a book that says "I love when the brain commands unconsciously the hand to repeat the thoughts that the heart tells." 

Another one of my favourite quotes (almost like a mantra!) is "be your own temple and you will find peace wherever you are."It's so true!. Knowing yourself is key in your life and especially loving yourself, otherwise, you will never be able to love others. Everything starts within.

On this section of the website you will find articles, monthly favourites, my trips and more.


It's one of my favourite ways of exercise, where you not only move the body but also connect with it, physically and emotionally.


I've been practicing meditation for years and it's a very powerful tool that allows me to calm my mind (so difficult sometimes!) and achieve peace of mind.


Another important pillar when we talk about a holistic wellness. Look after ourselves with food and ingredients that nurture.

What you will find here

I love the idea of a holistic wellness approach, which is exactly what I have been promoting for years now on this small but special place on the internet. 

When we talk about a holistic approach on health we need to consider a lot of areas. This mean that we can't focus just on food, but on more factors such as our mental health, physical exercise, our relationships, our emotions, etc.

Because after all welness is precisely that. Getting a healthy balance between all those factors.

This is why the main objective of Happy Soul is to offer content to help you achieve this body & mind balance. Here you will find resources in different areas like nutrition and emotions with articles about the relationship you have with yourself, books that have helped me and small habits and routines you can put into practice to make you feel better.

Articles to feel better

I have always loved writing and here you will find some articles about different topics like happiness.

My monthly favourites

Usually at the end of each month I share with you which have been my favourites of the month like movies, plans, etc. 

My particular library

My favourite books. Looking forward to knowing which ones are yours!

Sweet Saturdays

In this section I share some Saturdays a little sweet recipe along with an article.

My trips around the world

Ticket to explore different places around the world.

Rituals & Habits

Find out what to do when the year ends, say bye to the old and hi to the new.

My particular library

In here you will find some of the books that I have loved the most. You have reviews of most of them and if you want to buy any of these you can always use my affiliated link for it :)

A really inspiring and interesting book.

You can read a review of this book on my blog. here.

A personal search of oneself, three trips and loads of learnings.

One of my favourite books and the one that has made me change. I have a couple of articles on it on my blog. here y here