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Since I was a child, writing has always been one of my favourite tihngs to do, I love thinking about life, and there isn´t a single day in which I don't think about anything in particular. The fact is, that I always have something spinning around in my head. That's why I really connect with a quote I read once in a book that says "I love when the brain commands unconsciously the hand to repeatsthe thoughts that the heart says." 

Something I always try to express in this little place is the importance of being at peace with oneself. That means to feel at peace and in balance. Because it does not matter how many kale salads you eat, that if you are not feeling good with yourself, the rest will never be ok.

Another one of my favourite quotes (almost like a mantra!) is "be your own temple and you will find peace wherever you are." It's so true!. Knowing yourself is key in your life and especially loving yourself, otherwise, you will never be able to love others. Everything starts within. "Be your own temple and you will find peace wherever you are", y cuánta razón tiene. Conocerse a uno mismo es esencial en esta vida y sobre todo quererse, sino nunca podrás querer bien a nadie más. Todo empieza dentro de ti.

In this section of the site you will find articles about wellness, my monthly favourites, books and rituals. favoritos y una sección que publico algunos sábados con un pequeño texto y una receta.

Desde pequeña me apasiona escribir, aquí os dejo artículos sobre distintos temas como la felicidad. 

A finales de cada mes y comienzo de uno nuevo, publico mi lista de favoritos: series,  planes, etc. 

My favourite books. Looking forward to knowing which ones are yours!

In this section I share some Saturdays a little sweet recipe along with an article.

Find out what to do when the year ends, say bye to the old and hi to the new. 

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