Resources to make you feel better

I love the idea of a holistic wellness approach, which is exactly what I have been promoting for years now on this small but special place on the internet. 

When we talk about a holistic approach on health we need to consider a lot of areas. This mean that we can't focus just on food, but on more factors such as our mental health, physical exercise, our relationships, our emotions, etc.

Because after all welness is precisely that. Getting a healthy balance between all those factors.

Es por eso que el propósito de Happy Soul es ofrecer contenido para conseguir un equilibrio cuerpo & mente. Aquí encontrarás recursos más enfocados a las áreas recetas, artículos, libros, favoritos del mes, mi lista de la compra, mi Ebook, mi podcast holístico así como ideas de Batch Cooking. 

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