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my focus

My mission, vision and values

Not only I'm the author of this blog, but on a professional level I have always worked in Marketing. 

My mission is to help people understand the importance of a more balanced, healthy and sustainable way of living. For that reason I share here recipes, trips around the world and other content focused on achieving a body & mind balance.

If you are interested in learning a bit more about me and how can I help you you can contact me. Here you can see some of the services that I can offer you:


Recipes and reviews

Recipe development and reviews for different brands and products.


Brand ambassador

Brand ambassador for brands and beautiful companies that have the same values and objectives as me.



A way of helping each other and of letting our followers know about products.


website design

From simple websites to e-commerces.


content creation and social media management

If you need help creating content or managing social media, contact me.



if you think we can do something together, we can collaborate and create something great.

my portfolio

Some of my works

Review and recipe development

Creation of two recipes for a Spanish brand who sells frozen food and an article on my blog demystifying that frozen food doesn't have to be always bad.

servicios agencia paginas web

Website and e-commerce development

Creation of a website and an online shop for a small project in Barcelona making artisan products. 

Recipe collaboration for an Ebook

Development of an exclusive recipe in collaboration with an animal sanctuary.

Review on my blog

Writing a review on my blog for an international tea company who sells teas without additives and blanched bags.

work with me?

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If you think we can make something beautiful, get in touch with me and tell me a bit more about your brand or project.