Hi there!

Maybe you are wondering who is the person behind this place, writing and sharing her thoughts with you. My name is Paula, I am a positive, dreamer and creative person. Since always two of my biggest passions have been writing and travelling. And also drawing even though I am terrible at it ;-) 

I have been very lucky and have had the opportunity to live in different places in the world, which has made me be someone who loves adventures, and that in turn, has made me become a free spirit in a way.

Some years ago...

In 2014 there was a day when I decided to stop eating meat. Yes, I did it all of a sudden from one day to another. I didn't know exactly where that decision would take me, but the truth is that sometimes I can be a very impulsive person. It was right on that moment when my life started having some sort of "awakenings". I opened an account on Instagram and started following accounts with vegan, vegetarian recipes, yoga, spiritualism, etc. All of that inspired me so much that I even created my first blog and I am sure that it was right on that moment when my personal development and growth began.

I've always enjoyed cooking but I was always doing very basic stuff. When I stopped eating meat it was when I started cooking more different ideas and adding more plant-based protein on my meals. To be honest, nobody has really taught me how to do this, it's all been trial and error. .Loads of my first meals were absolutely terrible and baking vegan sweet recipes was even worse! But as with everything else in life, by working hard and by being constant, in the end everything works out. So I can finally say that I have improved a lot and that it makes me really happy to cook for others and see them enjoy. 

A little big change

All of those changes in my life, especially in my diet, made me change in a lot of ways, so I started being even more interested on a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Not just on food, but with the relationship we have with ourselves. With our bodies. With our minds. And that was one of the main reasons for starting a blog. I realised as well how important it is to love and to listen to yourself. Not to just focus on the outside, but also on the inside.

So for that, this website is focused on our body & mind so a balance between both is possible. Not only you will find healthy recipes here but you will also be able to read different articles related to our wellness. Because the relationship you have with yourself is key. Something you need to work on every day, if not, the relationships with others won't work. There's a quote that I love and that says "be your own temple and you will find peace wherever you are."

Also, on this blog I want to show you some of my trips.I couldn't miss these! My tips, restaurants and favourite places around the world.

Happy Soul, Happy Life

And when it comes to my diet, I don't like using labels at all. At home 90% of what I cook is plant-basedIt's a term that I love and for me it means eating more fruits and vegetables. Not just on quantity but also on diversity.

When I started this blog many years ago I named it My Hippie & Happy World. I chose it because hippie and happy were two adjectives that meant loads to me. However after a lot of time and months of deliberation, I decided it was time to change the name. After thinking about it quite a lot I chose Happy Soul. The world Soul means a lot to me after an astrology session I did some years ago, is something connected to my purpose and the word happy because happiness is everything. And the attitude of being happy too. The search of happiness is not necessary, happiness is already within us, we just have to know how to see it.

Hope you want to stay tuned with my posts!

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Why Happy Soul?

The word Soul means so much to me as after an astrology session I was told that this is something related to my mission, and the word Happy because happiness is everything. But also the attitude of being happy. Because the search for happiness is not even necessary, it is already with us, we just have to see it. 

Are you vegan?

No, I am not vegan. At least not at this moment. I love the term plant-based and that's how I cook at home, however sometimes I eat dairy or eggs. 

What do you eat in a day?

I never eat the same every day, I try to vary a lot. However in winter I always have for breakfast porridge and a cappuccino or I start the day with a smoothie or a juice. For lunch, I love Buddha Bowls and for dinner maybe some quesadillas or a soup or a salad

Do you buy organic?

I always try to buy organic, but above everything, I always keep an eye on where the product comes from and try to keep it local. 

It's important to see that they don't have any additives or other harmful ingredients. 

A book that changed your life?

Not sure if it changed my life but I feel very lucky that I found The Mastery of Love. It helped me loads to deepen in my relationships with others and in the relationship I have with myself. 

Mantra in life?

I've always feel very connected to "be your own temple and you will find peace wherever you are." And I always try to follow the mantra of "Don’t do to others what you don’t want them to do to you".